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Microcide® SRS

[ controls mildew, stain-resistant, safe ]
  • Safe for use on Stain Resistant Carpet.
  • Eliminates odors caused by mold and mildew.
  • Contains a highly effective odor counteractant.
  • Pleasant fragrance.
  • Does not contain Glutaraldehyde.

[ high-intensity odor eliminator ]
  • Permanently eliminates odors by altering their molecular structure.
  • Meets AMS 1453 and Boeing D6-17487N, as required for use in commercial aircraft.
  • Excellent for removing odors from fire and water damage, tobacco smoke, pet odors, sewage, garbage, insecticide and other putrefaction.
  • For use in hospitals, nursing homes, schools, hotels and other commercial and industrial facilities.
  • Contains Microcide®; kills odors caused by airborne bacteria.

[ bio-enzymatic odor counteractant ]
  • Contains more enzyme-producing bacteria than any other odor eliminator on the market.
  • Highly effective odor counteractant system for immediate results.
  • Alters odor molecules in such a way that no offensive smell can be detected.
  • Digests urine crystals, vomit, food and many other biotic substances.
  • Excellent for use on carpet, upholstery, draperies and hard surfaces.
No Limit®

[ permanent odor remover ]
  • Eliminates foul odors caused by urine, skunk, smoke, mildew, organic decay, petroleum fumes, garbage and more.
  • Alters odor molecules on contact, by means of a permanent bonding process - no waiting!
  • Promotes a soil-free surface; contains exceptional anti-resoiling properties.
  • Safe for use on New Generation carpet, all water-safe fabric, wood, tile, concrete, mattresses and in automobile interiors.
  • Fragrance free; contains no soil-attracting fragrance oils.

[ concentrated water soluble fragrance ]
  • Highly concentrated fragrance; makes up to 256 gallons.
  • Does not contain any dye that may discolor.
  • May be added to cleaning solutions or directly applied with sprayer.
  • Enhances customer awareness of a freshly cleaned environment.
  • Safe for use on hard surfaces, New Generation carpet and all fabric not damaged by water.
  • Available in a variety of fragrances.
LeatherPlus Cleaning System
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